Learning is Fun! 


6 weeks-23 Months

Our infant program starts at the age of 6 weeks until 12 months. In this program, your child will have a lot of teacher interaction, tummy time, and we follow the parent's set schedule.  We also have a mother's room for those mothers who are breastfeeding and would like to come to feed their child. 

Our toddler program is for ages 13 months to 23 months. Children are split into smaller groups throughout the day based on their development. In this program, they will learn self-help skills, social skills, and begin to recognize their social-emotional development.  


2 years-3.5 years 

Our preschool program offer's a play-based learning curriculum. Play enhances children's physical, social/emotional, and creative growth and development. Children explore their world and begin to make sense of the world around them. Our teachers offer support in a play-based environment.


4 Years- 5 Years

Our Pre-K program offers a play-based learning curriculum with a twist.

We use an inquiry method to drive learning. Math and Science are integrated into the curriculum with hands-on activities and STEM projects. Pre-literacy skills are taught with songs, poems, and integrated games. Social-emotional skills are woven throughout every academic area to help children understand their feelings and emotions. 


5 Years - 6 Years

Our Kindergarten program offers a research-based curriculum in language and literacy skills. It focuses on building up the foundational skills of reading such as phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle. We use a research-based curriculum in math skills. Children are engaged in math lessons that are intriguing and relevant to the world around them. Science and Social Studies are taught through children's interests and the observations of the world around them. 

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